Our Sacred Founders Story

What do you get when you combine a Self-Care Mentor + a Modern Mystic + a Visionary Leader?

You get a sacred partnership between 3 women leading thriving, resonant, and prosperous lives and businesses deeply rooted in compassion, courage, collaboration and connection.

We are mothers, wives, community leaders and Sacred CEO’s.

We are on a mission to promote 1 million women to CEO.

Because we believe every woman is the Sacred CEO of her life, home and livelihood and has the birthright to be thriving, resonant and prosperous.

In our circles we heard the continued echo of burnout, isolation and illness that stems from a cultural model that no longer serves and compelled us to expand our own edges in order to interrupt the status quo and collaborate toward a solution to serve every woman. 

We are modeling a new way of leading, and a new way of BEING as a modern 21st Century woman that returns us to ourselves, our sisterhood, and to simple and sacred teachings reimagined for today. 

We are three dynamic, aligned and WHOLE women leveraging our individual and collective power to embody a new model of womanhood based in self, sisterhood and leadership. Our intention is to empower women to ask, “I know I CAN do it on my own, but what if I didn’t have to?” 

Combined here are our collective stats:

  • 47+ years married

  • 6 children

  • 20+ years in corporate

  • 13+ years in government

  • 36+ years in business



Our Sacred Mission

We celebrate and recognize the accomplishments of women worldwide, acknowledge the truth of the distance we still have before us to journey toward true parity of income, status, and opportunity, and to take action together as people, both men and women, who believe that women’s rights are in fact human rights. 

Together, we recognize our role as leaders of women and of women’s communities and desire to use our collective voice to breathe life into the new paradigm women’s movement and move forward toward the common good and common mission of women worldwide.



Our Sacred Intention

Our intention is to EMBODY joyful collaboration that allows us to empower, support and lift communities of women by elevating our voices, combining our resources and all the while doing it our way.

Our desire is to give voice to women around the world who are unable to speak their truth or unable to claim their voice or leadership due to geography, political climate or economic status.

We feel honored to have created a container for this conversation in so doing shine the light on the power of women’s voices, celebrate our evolution as leaders, and specifically honor THIS time in women’s history.

We also celebrate and honor the men and the advocates who have helped to open the doors and dedicated their own resources, courage and expertise to the cause.

We believe this is the time for women to claim their light and their leadership - it is time to emerge, connect and REMEMBER our strength, our gifts and our collective voice. We commit to using our privilege to make a ripple of change for women everywhere.

We recognize our role as leaders to use our collective voice to breathe life into the new paradigm women’s movement and move forward toward the common good and shared needs of women worldwide. We have the privilege and the resources to gather, speak and lead - and we commit to doing so.

We desire to move us forward toward a collective future where women claim their leadership and pave a new way for future generations.

As women we see the need for a shift from a culture based in individualism, competition and privilege to a new paradigm model consisting of connection, collaboration and compassion.

We have the desire for change, and believe that we can.  

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Our Sacred Vows

  • To give women the tools to not just survive but thrive, lead and succeed.

  • To empower women to find magic and meaning in everyday life.

  • To infuse women with the knowing of their superpowers and the confidence to use it for greater good.

  • To bring the word Sacred down to earth, into our homes, communities and businesses creating communities of empowered connected women.

  • To support every woman - all women of different cultures and socioeconomic backgrounds to become leaders in their homes, communities and businesses.

  • To wake women up, give them the confidence to lead, tell them why it is important, remind them of the precedent, the potential for leaving a legacy and the high stakes that are at play.

  • To help women to understand their whole self, honor all of them, show them how to lead by giving her the tools to thrive, lead and succeed and paint a picture of a hopeful future.

  • To help women experience joy, prosperity, and meaning in their life, through defining and living her own version of success.